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The word “Metaverse” was bought into origin in the year 1992 in Snow Crash, a science fiction novel penned by Neil Stephenson. The usage of metaverse was in the context of the digital reality in the novel when there is a dystopian environment in physical reality, people have to transition from the real to a virtual world.
Yes, that was quite dark! But, that possibility is a far-off concern.

Now let's talk about the current-day definition of Metaverse:


A culmination of physical and virtual reality blended at a platform and that platform is known as the metaverse. Through Metaverse you can do a peer-to-peer interaction by creating your virtual avatar. There also have been wedding receptions as well through Metaverse. Along with that, there is something called virtual real estate through which one can have a look at the location of the homes which they are going to buy, which in my view saves a lot of time and energy that would have been spent on conveyance and even a tour of the entire room is pretty visible in a 3D live video in detail and some companies like IKEA even gives you the choice to customize the furniture of your home in real-time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, as the name suggests, it augments reality, in other words, it's an interaction with the reality that is enhanced with the integration of modern-day motion graphics assimilated with upgraded image and video enhancements. Augmented Reality interacts with the real world to integrate itself with it. For Example, Heinz Tomato Ketchup had this brochure embedded in the bottle of ketchup, which would only be visible when the front part of the bottle's label was scanned by your mobile phone.

Another modern-day usage of AR is AR navigation embedded in the smartphone with a combination of hardware and software integration. It helps in displaying the directions of different locations on your palms, including indoor as well as outdoor locations in distribution centers, offices, shopping malls, and airports. MobiDev implemented this system in their corporate campuses, where they have to just scan a marker and they are good to go to their meeting room or any cabinet at the right time without forgetting the direction and without any need of remembering the direction.

Virtual Reality

As opposed to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality is a whole new digital world that is a replica of reality. It includes sensory reactions to the screen. For Example, there are certain games in which you are given a type of sensory cap through which you can interact virtually, however, the effects are such that the impact seems close to reality.

Facebook with its Meta is trying to create its own virtual space which will be experienced by the people through VR Headsets. Meta will change your whole world into a plethora of digital services and provide you with an experience with the integration of live 3D animation, live zoom meetings with a personalized experience, and seamless integration of physical gestures for playing games, logging in through retina scan, and buying and selling products and services through virtual currency (cryptocurrency).

AR, VR, and Metaverse>, might seem distinct from each other, but the fact is that all three are INDEPENDENT. Metaverse requires a culmination of both virtual and augmented reality, cause for building a virtual platform you need the help of virtual reality to create a replica of the real world, especially of your face into a virtual avatar, and since you, as a person is interacting with the technology, you are easily able to sense things as well in a real-time basis.