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Courses we offer

How can the students up their game with the skills provided by EVYtech? +
The Skills we provide are interactive and practical based which will provide you with sense of pragmatism regarding the stream you want to get in.
Is the free demo lecture available? +
For more details regarding the same contact us at
What kind of skills are provided by the EVYtech? +
We have a multitude of skills ranging from engineering, IoT, Interview Training, Motorsports, Supply and Demand Channel, soft skill training, and various other streams related to science and technology.
Our Students don't have that much of a clarity regarding these concepts, so will these courses provide the basic framework regarding the same? +
Yes, for sure we will also provide the basic framework in detail, to avoid any sought of confusion.
Who will be teaching us these courses? +
The lecturers who will be teaching you will be industry specialists from the diverse fields, so no problem regarding the skillset being provided.
How many courses do you provide? +
We provide a plethora of courses related to technology, automotive, and the current industrial trends.
Why should we go for EVYtech? +
We at EVYtech provide the interactive learning and also have a couple of projects, which will give you an insight into the workings of industry.
Is the curriculum of your courses well-versed with the current industrial trends? +
Yes we are pretty much updated with the industrial trends and accordingly plan the curriculum for the students.
Is the course material provided available free of cost? +
Well you can refer to the same, once you enroll for the demo course.
I am confused regarding a few courses. Whom should I contact? +
You can contact us through our email: or even through our phone no. (+91) 892067644
How these courses will help our students in real life? +
We at EVY understand that students and teachers these days don’t get the time to learn and impart pragmatic knowledge, respectively. Therefore, we provide the skills which are practically performed during the school premises itself, if you collaborate with us. We will also be providing certification at the end of the program